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What’s my California Delicious? Lagunitas Beer on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Staff member Maya visited the Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California and shares some of her experiences there…

en route

I love brewery tours- even after working for a beer company and knowing the brew process inside and out, I find it fascinating how different brew set-ups can be. I really enjoy visiting smaller microbreweries and craft brewers to see how resourceful they are. Very often, Less is More.


The tour itself, was very casual. The guide was very funny, friendly and knowledgeable. Unlike many breweries I’ve visited, Lagunitas invites tourists to drink whilst on the tour- which is definitely appreciated with all the “beer-talk” you have to endure…

sample of new brew

Here is the freshest Lagunitas IPA that we were given to taste while on the tour…


After a brief history of the brewery, we were given a tour of the facilities (I won’t be describing the details of the brewing process in this post so please google for more info about beer craft-brew process)



2 barrels

Barrels used for wine-beer varietals


Here is a detail of the malt used – from Minnesota


otuside shot

View of the brewery from the outside


Fermentation tanks

recyled bottles

The tour ended outside in the parking lot by this huge heap of used beer bottles- perfect way to wet the appetite.

Next we were going into the taproom/beer sanctuary to try the different varietals…

Beer Sampler

sample 2

Lagunitas is well known for it’s delicious hoppy beers but there are so many different flavors of Lagunitas !

The WILCO TANGO FOXTROT and the Where’s Waldo  or 420 as it is called (referring to the date it becomes available every year) were very delicious.

The Soco Imperial Stout and other stouts were definitely unlike anything I’d ever tasted before and they were overwhelmingly heavy and rich-I would not have been able to drink more than a 5oz taster of them, especially on a hot day.

My favorite was the Sonoma Farmhouse Saison Style beer - In the summer season, I enjoy light and fruity but NOT SWEET beers and this was the perfect balance of all those flavors.

Making this experience even more enjoyable was the band playing on the Laguiminiamphitheatrette called Staggerwing who apparently play a lot of their Americana Folk/rock in the Petaluma/Sonoma region.

It must also be mentioned that the food here is great- I did not eat anything on this specific occasion but have tried many of the sandwiches and bar-snacks in my numerous visits to this brewery.

lagunitas sign


If you enjoy sunshine, live music, DELICIOUS CALIFORNIA BEERS and good food, then make sure you visit this fine Brewery, Taproom and Beer Sanctuary one afternoon. That’s my California Delicious. Trust me, You will not regret it.

And if you can’t make it to Northern California anytime soon- you can taste some delicious California Micro-brews in the California Party Time Wine and Beer Gift Basket. 

Travel Time-
1.5 hours from Sacramento
Under 1 hour from San Francisco
6.5 hours from Los Angeles

Places Visited-
Lagunitas Brewing Company
1280 North McDowell Blvd
Petaluma, CA, 94954

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