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What’s my California Delicious? Exploring the small towns of West Marin

Andrea is out and about again discovering her own California Delicious! This time, she takes us along on her Sunday in West Marin:

poiunt reyes 3

There is so much to do in the San Francisco Bay Area, but one of our favorite jaunts is up to the beautiful beaches and small towns of West Marin.  On a recent Sunday, we packed up the car with empty plastic food containers (What?? Why? You’ll see…..) , hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and multiple layers of clothing- you just never know what to expect with the ever-changing micro climates of the Bay Area.

We wound our way along the roads leading through Mill Valley and onto Highway 1 leading to Stinson Beach- It was foggy but very warm. The walk up and down the beach from the parking lot at Stinson is approximately 4 miles and a wonderful way to start the day! And what a way to work up an appetite for barbecued oysters- a Marin specialty!

nicks cove

We headed over past Pt. Reyes Station and continued up Highway 1 until we came to the Marshall Store on Tomales Bay. This small seafood shack cooks up some of the most delectable barbecued oysters and oysters Rockefeller style that this California Delicious reporter has ever tasted! It’s not fancy, and you literally sit on the side of the road to eat along with other adventurous oyster aficionados, but a glass of Chardonnay or frosty local microbrew  helps you make friends quickly. We have common ground- love of oysters, love of this beautiful setting.

point reyes

This magical afternoon has to end sometime, but not before we head back down Highway 1, full of oysters and a little bit sleepy and craving something more….just a taste of sweetness. As the sun starts to get low in the sky, we make a final roadside stop. Sharp eyes spot a thicket of blackberry bushes along the country road and we tumble out of the truck, roll down jeans and shirtsleeves and start picking. The berries are dark purple, juicy ripe and it doesn’t take long to fill up our containers (Ah, yes! Those plastic containers!).

What a fantastic California Delicious Sunday and one we will remember for a long time to come. What’s your idea of a perfect California Delicious Sunday?


Travel Time-
2.5 hours from Sacramento
1.5 hours from San Francisco
6.5 hours from Los Angeles

The Marshall Store
19225 California 1
Marshall, CA 94940

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