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What’s my California Delicious? Dining in the Dark at Opaque, San Francisco

Videographer Jack describes an unconventional restaurant experience in San Francisco- dining in the dark at Opaque, San Francisco…


By far the most fun, interesting, delicious, and mind-blowing dining experience of my entire life.  Opaque in San Francisco is incredible.  When you walk in the restaurant you are sent down to the basement through this dimly lighted hallway where you are handed a menu, place your order, and get your view last glimpses of light before it goes completely black.  Just before we entered the darkness we were met by our blind waitress Jennifer who escorted us by having our hands on her shoulders through the dark and to our chairs.  Jennifer was extremely kind and became our friend by the end of the night.  Once you enter, there is no turning back.  Everything is completely black, you cannot see your hand when its in front of your face it is so dark. The fun is having no idea what the restaurant looks like, who is at the table next you that you can hear, and what your food looks like.  They give you the option of having everything be a mystery meal or you can order something you know and the whole time is nothing but fun, laughter, and new experiences. Not to mention the food is great!!  One of the funniest parts about dining at Opaque was returning back to light after dinner to find chocolate cake on our face and pasta sauce on our clothes.  Hey, that’s what happens when your dining in the dark. Dining at Opaque dining is really something indescribable.

opaque sf

The best part about eating at Opaque is that nothing is like it.   There is no dinner experience anywhere quite like eating at Opaque and it makes something as regular as dinner a completely fun, exciting, and new experience.

I would recommend Opaque to anyone and everyone coming to the San Francsico Bay Area! I would go back every night if I could! You will never have an eating experience as fun and exciting!

Our California Delicious was Penne pasta with vodka sauce and chocolate cake in the complete darkness beneath a beautiful city!

Travel Time-
Under 2 hours from Sacramento
In San Francisco
Under 6 hours from Los Angeles


Opaque San Francisco
689 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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