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What’s my California Delicious? Cruising down Big Sur on Hwy 1

Patty from the marketing department shares her blissful California Delicious…Big Sur!

As a native born Californian, I feel very lucky to still live in this great state and have so many wonderful places to still see in my own backyard. As a fairly new motorcyclist, I am enjoying the state even more as I explore the back roads and off the beaten path places only those on two wheels tend to go.

Big Sur hills

One place that is near and dear to my body, mind and soul is Big Sur along our beautiful Central Coast. I first visited Big Sur about 20 years ago on a camping trip when I still lived down in Los Angeles ( I am a native Los Angeleno!). We camped along Hwy 1 and I remember we drove over to Nepenthe during our trip for lunch on their outdoor deck where you can stare out at the ocean for miles and watch the stellar jays flit about as you eat. That was my first taste of their Ambrosia Burger and Triple Berry Pie! Oh my! Very simple indeed, but when you throw in the amazing views, everything tastes even better!  I loved this place so much, Nepenthe was the setting for my rehearsal dinner and I was married in the woods of Big Sur.


Living only about 2 ½ hours from Big Sur, I was lucky enough to recently make a short overnight trip down there for business and pleasure. I decided I needed some peaceful time in the woods, so I parked along Hwy 1 and made my way around the trails of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.

Big Sur

As I hiked along the trail, I spotted a wine cork nestled in the woodsy debris. Hahn Winery! Aha! Ironically at the time, I worked for Hahn Family Wines so I just thought that worked followed me everywhere! Whoever left this litter must have good taste. As the crow flies due east from that spot, you can visit Hahn Winery Visitor Center and taste their amazing Pinot Noirs from the Santa Lucia Highlands as well as many other outstanding varietals! They even have an in house Chef for amazing food experiences as well! Worth a trip to Soledad!



The whole experience was absolutely CALIFORNIA DELICIOUS!


Travel Time-
Over 3.5 hours from Sacramento
2.5 hours from San Francisco
5.5 hours from Los Angeles

48510 California 1,
Big Sur, CA 93920

Hahn Winery and Estate Visitor Center
37700 Foothill Rd,
Soledad, CA 93960



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