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Top 7 Food Moments from 2013

As you may know, our intrepid team at California Delicious are passionate travelers and committed to finding new California Delicious moments all over the Golden State. Here are the top 7 food moments from the last 12 months, in no particular order, and I’m sorry, no these photos are not scratch and sniff!

Garlic ice cream at Gilroy Garlic Festival

Anyone who’s anyone in the food industry has heard of this illustrious food festival which features some of the most delicious and most unusual garlic food recipes. Not only does Gilroy love to put garlic in everything they can, the garlic grown in Gilroy is amazingly potent so a little goes a long way. A definite must-visit for any foodies or garlic lovers in 2014. For more info on last year’s event and the amazing food offerings, click here. For information on the festival itself, visit

Empanadas at Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend

Despite being overwhelmed by the plethora of food and snack offerings at this event, the empandas by food truck El Sur stood out as being phenomenal. After trying EVERY SINGLE MENU OPTION, I can personally attest that this is my favorite food truck in the SF Bay Area. Every pie was the perfect combination of crunchy crust and moist succulent fillings and all very easy to eat with one hand on the go. Just like the snacks, this food truck is always on the go- please visit their site for their schedule. If you are interested in learning more about the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend, click here

Original Pantry Cafe, Los Angeles

There are many breakfast establishments in Los Angeles but one spot really takes the cake. The Original Pantry Cafe is famous for a few things: it’ s been open forever (since 1924), it is never closed and they served giant portions of Classic Americana meals that are sure to make you leave by a big grin and a big belly. If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, this is the place for you. Our advice: order anything with bacon and bring cash, no credit cards accepted- this place is old-timey like that. As The Pantry’s current owner, former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan likes to boast, “We never close. We’re never without a customer.” Check out their fun website here.

 Succulent Cafe, Wine, Charchuterie, Solvang

Nestled in one of the quirkier towns in Santa Barbara county, this casual yet elegant cafe offers the most earnest California cuisine we have seen yet. Case in point- the “Chef Salad” pictured above really deserves a loftier title but that is Succulent in a nutshell- excellent quality ingredients, beautifully and unpretentiously served from local markets and farm to plate. Situated in Central Coast wine country, Succulent sources most of their wines locally and change the menu regularly so multiple visits are heartily encouraged! Explore their site here.

Farmer’s Market in downtown SLO

Corn on the Cob is simple and delicious. This DIY corn bar not only hit the spot but was fun too. So many corn toppings including: lemon juice, pepper, hot pepper power, salt, butter, mustard… The list is endless- you really can customize your corn exactly the way you want it! “Farmer’s Market Fresh” and affordable- the best California snack around!

National Donut Day at Dynamo Donuts, San Francisco



Honestly, a visit to Dynamo Donut on any day is outstanding but in our opinion, there is no better place to celebrate National Donut Day. Check their twitter page to see the daily offerings and make sure you never go on a Monday (it’s closed, you’ll be heartbroken). Make sure you try their infamous Maple Bacon Apple and my personal favorite, the Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate- both pictured above.

Mr Chow, Los Angeles

Everything we tried on the menu at Mr Chow was spectacular. The ambiance- sophisticated and elegant, the decor- a perfect mix of minimalism and Chinese/LA glamour- Food and drink flowed freely to the dim buzz of jovial laughter and friendship. It really was an full sensory outstanding dining experience. Our favorite dish? Probably the Peking Duck, which is served int he authentic Beijing style and cut on your table in front of you- Absolutely Divine!

So Many California Delicious moments to include them all here, our videographers create a fun video outlining some of the most California Delicious moments of the year 2013!


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