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The Point Richmond Music Festival- September 27th, 2013

There was no better way to celebrate a wonderful summer season with Point Richmond Music than with the amazingly talented ladies from Empress Mediations and award-winning jazz musician Nicolas Bearde

empresss 1

Empress Mediations really kicked the show off with a bang. Their energy was drawing bigger crowds than we had seen all season!

empress 2

These four very talented ladies played a variety of different instruments throughout their set, while singing great harmonies.

empress 3

Half way throughout the set, they took a moment to introduce their new single Suspicion and dedicate it to gun-victim Trayvon Martin. This dedication added a touching and thoughtful element to their otherwise upbeats song set which the crowd seemed to really appreciate.

empress 4

They ended on a high note, with most of the crowd on their feet and dancing around to the world beat, reggae style tunes. Lovely to see an all-girl band in the last show!

Syndey and Christina

During the intermission, MC Sydney Metrick and volunteer extraordinaire Christina introduced the raffle prizes including our Wine Country gift basket pictured here.


See this basket and more wine baskets here.

Nicolas Bearde 1

After the break, Nicolas Bearde took that stage and started off with a slow soulful ballad.

Bearde slow dance

The couples in the crowd loved it! It was really touching to see slow dancing in the Point Richmond square!

Bearde 2

But Nicolas Bearde was full of surprises! He continued his set with some more dynamic upbeat songs.

bearde 4

The audience could really feel his passion for singing and his songs in the emphatic way he performed. It was pretty breathtaking.

Bearde 3

He had a wonderful keyboardist who jammed out for a good 5 minute solo which was amazing.


He was also supported by a double bass player who added a more traditional jazz vibe to his songs.

Bearde 5

As darkness took over and the show was coming to an end, his energy had brought everyone to their feet!

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What a great show and wonderful way to end a great summer concert series.

We would like to thank Point Richmond Music for their dedication and enthusiasm to bring vibrant and new music to the Point Richmond community. Every performer was chosen for a unique voice and style and this ensured that every show was amazing and fun to watch.

Also a big thank you to the local businesses in the Point Richmond area that opened up their doorsteps to the music-loving community of Point Richmond and the Bay Area.

We can’t wait to see what musical delights will grace us in 2014. Until next summer!

Travel Time-
2 hours from Sacramento
Under 1 hour San Francisco
About 6 hours from Los Angeles

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