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Little Greens Cars live in San Francisco: An Irish-California Delicious moment!

Last Thursday night we joined a crowd to watch the group Little Green Cars from Dublin, Ireland perform at The Chapel in the Mission of San Francisco. The gorgeous venue perfectly complimented the group’s spirited sound as they played tunes from their debut album, Absolute Zero. The raw honesty of the performance generated electric intimacy in the large space. The band belted haunting harmonies that cradled lyrics bred in the wild depths of love and youthful angst. Maybe it was just their Irish brogue but the charm was magnetic.


The spell that they had strummed through the night culminated during their encore, when the group brought their instruments down onto the floor and had the audience circle around them for a final acoustic song. The entire place fell into a silent daze that ended with an uproar of warm applause.




Afterwards, we were lucky enough to join the band for some birthday festivities (4/5 of the members have just recently turned 21).  We jumped in and out of swimming pools and we ran out of lighter fare, we ended up playing American drinking games with Guinness– how fitting!

The following day, we sat poolside with the band as the sun has begun its slow descent behind the hills of Marin County and the only songs in the air are those of the birds. The quintet sat and relaxed in incongruous silence, giving their Irish skin a tint of red, reading and catching up on journals. Taking a quick break from the heat of their first US tour, I can’t imagine their entries have a lot in common with the average 21-year old!

Alas, the rest and relaxation did not last long. We waved goodbye to the band the next day as they hopped back on the bus en route to Coachella!

LGC Patrick and Joey

Best of luck from all of your friends at California Delicious!

To learn more about the Little Green Cars, follow link:

Here is the official video from their song John Wayne: Enjoy!

Travel Time-
Under 2 hours from Sacramento
Located in San Francisco
5.5 hours from Los Angeles

The Chapel
777 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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