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Sunset Celebration Weekend 2013- Food and Drink

The Sunset Celebration Weekend (or #SunsetCW) on June 1st-2nd blew my mind. It was incredible. I am sad now that I know what I have missed every year and have vowed to go every future year.

In the words of Sunset Magazine- they want their readers to experience the pages of the magazine in reality- like the magazine, there was so much going on that I decided to split this into 2 blogs- Here is the first and most delicious edition- Food and Drink

heinz 1

Immediately after entering Sunset Mag HQ,  you were offered a free hot dog by Heinz

hot dog 01

Not a bad start to the day…

hot dog 11

Classic American condiments…

hot dog 1

Nothing fancy. Just delicious.


For Dessert#1, Tillamook was offering up their brand-new yogurt line

tillamook menu

…A Tillamook Parfait bar….

tillamook options

So Many Options! This dish was perfectly aligned with the weather and was absolutely delicious.

food court

With drinks in hand, we decided to explore the OTG or Off The Grid food court. (If you love food and don’t know about Off The Grid, then please click the link to learn more—for your own good!)

food truck1

So many options…

bacon bacon menu

I had my heart set on finally trying some Bacon Bacon treats but…

bacon bacon truck

They were closed by the time we got there. Maybe there were smell complaints….!

food court 2

So we looked around some more and finally found….

emp 4

…Heaven in a hand pie.

No Stoppping- sur emp truck

El Sur. Argentine-style empanadas by El Sur are my California Delicious.

emp truck 1

Picking only one was tricky…

emp 5

They were all wrapped into different shapes to be easily identified…


I got a Parisien…


A picture speaks a 1000 words.

emp 3

My boyfriend loved the Traditional. We both regretted not getting more for the ride home.

There were some stalls that managed to mix both food and drink into a one-stop shop

lag and kettle

Washing down crunchy delicious Kettle Chips with an icy cold hoppy beer by Lagunitas was close to perfection…

kettle lag

There were 3 carefully curated parings as described here by Sunset:

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Ale: “This is a wheat-ish-type beer,” says Nino. Sara runs with the pairing: “The malt was more prominent, with a sweet edge that matched the sweetness of the BBQ chip.”

Lagunitas Pils: “This light-but-still-interesting pilsner was seamless with the salt and vinegar chips,” says Sara. Nino’s take: “The pils was fresh and almost briny, and the salt and the sour vinegar on the chips needed its high acidity.” “Maybe this is your salad beer,” concludes Sara.

Lagunitas IPA: “It’s a totally balanced beer,” says Sara. “Neither the malt nor the hops sticks out in any direction, which gave it the guts to handle the jalapeños.” “Well,” says Nino, “It was only ok with the jalapeño chips in my book. I’m not sold on jalapeños and hops.” Sara: “Maybe fresh jalapeños? Think of them sprinkled on nachos …”

laginutas guy  1

Gotta love the Lagunitas crew….

laginutas guy 2

Always being silly and having a grand time.

humboldt 2

More delicious pairings were made by the great people over at Humboldt Made

humboldt 3

Humboldt Hotsauce drizzled onto Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog and artisan bread was served with…

humboldt 1

…delicious Steelhead Extra Pale Ale by Mad River Brewery. I have tried this before as it is available is many places in the very beer-centric Downtown Oakland/Lake Merritt area

sierra nevada

One of our beers- Sierra Nevada! We have a whole gift basket dedicated to this beer because we love it so much!

haly moon bday beer

Delicious Half Moon Bay Brewing Company had their delicious Mavericks Amber Ale on draft….

It was definitely more of a “beer kind of day” due to the extreme heat but we did check out some wines too…

harmony cellars

Said hi to one of my fave Central Coast Wineries- Harmony Cellars- see link to blog post about my visit to Harmony:

wine 2

We stopped by California-based Quady Winery and learnt about Elysium- Black Dessert Muscats…

wine 1

And their Orange Muscats…

cheeseme 143

The highly knowledgeable and friendly sales rep made us delicious Muscats Spritzers to enjoy in the blazing heat.

cheeseme 153

Also a California Delicious!

al pastor tacos

One wine stand even offered delicious al pastor and jicama crunchy tacos- which we paired these with our Humboldt ales.


All over Sunset HQ, we noticed cute yet empty discarded shot glasses and started to investigate…

bm 2

Eventually we found this sign and followed the crowd…

bm ingredients

Score! One of my fave condiments, Lea and Perrins, (also owned by Heinz) was sponsoring the Bloody Mary bar….

bm lots

There were virgin and non-virgin Bloody Marys available but luckily (for us) no one was the wiser as to which was which….

bm final

They were delicious and spicy with a small little (necessary) crunch added by a snap pea.

torani 2

For people with non-alcoholic tastes, there were many options…

torani 1

San Francisco-based Torani offered many flavored iced coffees and had a solid line through the whole day.

rye on road 2

Super stylish Rye on the Road were also pouring drinks- I loved this concept but I don’t think many people understood that these drinks were all non-alcoholic!

rye on road menu

Based on classic cocktails, these not only looked delicious but were made with style!

rye on road 1


sunset glass

What a great day. We left completely stuffed full and didn’t even use all of our drinks tickets!!!!

Next edition: Sunset Celebration Weekend 2013: Demos, Displays and Dreamy-Backyards

Travel Time-
2 hours from Sacramento
Under 1 hour from San Francisco
6 hours from Los Angeles

Sunset Publishing Corporation
80 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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