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Road tripping to the beautiful Burney Falls

California Delicious Interns Jack and Katya tells us about the next stop on their Summer Adventure, Road tripping to the beautiful Burney Falls, in Northern California

Road tripping to the beautiful Burney Falls 4

Burney Falls is a MUST see destination for anyone who is thinking of road tripping in Northern California. It is located in Burney (1 hour and 15 min drive from Redding) and it is seriously one of the coolest places that we have been to in the state. The falls can be seen immediately along the trail, and you can reach the bottom of the falls in about 15 minutes. The falls are 129 feet tall and over a million gallons of water flow from it every day. The trail to the falls is very family friendly and it will leave you in awe and you really won’t want to leave. President Theodore Roosevelt called these falls the “Eight Wonder of the World” and it is very obvious why.

Road tripping to the beautiful Burney Falls 2

We suggest bringing a lunch/snacks down to the bottom and enjoying the views from the water. Oh yeah, the water is COLD so swimming is not an option. If you are including this stop on part of your road trip, we would say to allow about an hour or more to fully enjoy the scenery and explore the surrounding areas. They do have picnic tables, a store, and restrooms very close by and activities for children as well, like seasonal arts and crafts and scavenger hunts. If you’re more adventurous, there are five miles of hiking paths that you can take from the falls to see more of the state park.

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If you make it out to Burney, a great place to camp is Lassen National Park. It’s about an hour’s drive away from the falls, but is well worth it while you are already in the area. Check out our next blog post to read more about the park and places to camp. By the way, there are limited food options so come prepared with a delicious picnic gift basket to share with your friends and family!

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Travel Time-
Under 4 hours from Sacramento
About 5 hours from San Francisco
10 hours from Los Angeles

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