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Hot Air Ballooning

Our amazing Warehouse Manager Christian tells about a hot (air) date with his girlfriend touring over wine country in Napa Valley…

balloon 3

My girlfriend and I went on a Hot Air Balloon ride from Yountville to Napa. The company is called “Balloons Above the Valley” and the staff was real friendly. When we hopped in the basket it felt safe and secure. The pilot started pumping hot air in to the balloon and they untied the rope and before you knew we were up in the air.

balloon 4

It did not take long at all to reach our peak. It was real smooth. As we got higher in the air everything below got smaller. I wasn’t scary at all. We were in the air for about and a half.  It was an amazing ride and the weather was absolutely beautiful.  It was nice seeing all the vineyards and landscape of NapaValley from the hot air balloon. It was a smooth ride and our pilot was very entertaining and had a lot of knowledge of Napa, so it made the experience that much better. There were a total of 10 people on the basket including the pilot and each group or couple had their own section in the basket which gave us some kind of privacy.

balloon 2

As we were in the air, the pilot pointed out some of the vineyards that we went by like the Robert Mondavi Vineyard and Mansion. He also pointed out the Silverado vineyards, Clos Du Val, Luna Vineyards, and Sterling Vineyards. My favorite part was just being up so high and looking at the Napa Valley landscape.  My girlfriend’s favorite part was going over the schools in Napa and the kids were waving and jumping up and down as we flew by them.  After the ride we went to Mustards Grill for brunch and had some delicious food and we enjoyed a glass of Gloria Ferrer Champagne to end the lovely day.

balloon 5


Travel Time-

Under 2 hours from Sacramento
1.5 hours from San Francisco
Under 9 hours from Los Angeles


Balloons Above the Valley
603 California Blvd,
Napa, CA 94559

Mustards Grill
7399 St. Helena Highway
Napa, CA 94558

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