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Guest Blogger Richard Wong: Fresh Oysters in Marin

It is our pleasure to welcome back Guest Blogger and Travel Photographer Richard Wong. Born and raised in California, Richard spends his free time exploring his native state, searching for new experiences and photo opportunities…

I must confess that I had never had a raw oyster before until I was convinced to try an oyster last month during a Backroads Singles-Solos Wine Country to San Francisco Bike Tour. The thought of putting a raw slimy sea creature in my mouth held little appeal to me but I figured that if I were ever going to do that this was the place to do it. Earlier in the day, a bunch of my fellow trip participants made a stop at the Hog Island Oyster Farm for drinks so I spent some time photographing the oyster farming operations. The place seemed popular so it made me curious.


Fate would have it that an oyster farmer would come to Olema Campground that evening to teach us about and shuck raw oysters. Since almost everyone else was doing it, I mustered up the courage to swallow a raw oyster after some hesitation. I didn’t throw up… It wasn’t bad at all in fact! I didn’t want to eat anymore though.

A few weeks later, I took my fiancé to the Farallon restaurant in San Francisco to celebrate her birthday and believe it or not, I suggested that we order four raw oysters. We ordered two different types of local oysters and each had two. It was actually a fun experience to do this. So much so that we have plans to visit the Hog Island Oyster Farm this weekend.


Richard Wong is a travel and landscape photographer currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley on the outskirts of Los Angeles. His photography can be viewed at his website:

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Travel Time-
1.5 hours from Sacramento
Just under an hour from San Francisco
6 hours from Los Angeles

Hog Island Oyster Farm
20215 Shoreline Highway
Marshall, CA, 94940

Farallon Restaurant
450 Post St #4
San Francisco, CA,94102

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