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Guest Blogger David Viviani discusses Tony’s Fine Foods Show 2013 in Sacramento

Guest Blogger David Viviani is the VP of Marketing at Sonoma Creamery in downtown Sonoma. Sonoma Creamery is responsible for the creation of the award winning and very delicious Sonoma Jack cheese collection, that you can find all over the country…

I want to share an event that was good for Sonoma Creamery, it was a recent Food Show which we participated on 12th June 2013.  It was conducted by Nick Bell and myself that included driving our 1931 Vintage Ford Truck round trip to Sacramento.


The view from outside the venue- Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento,  home of the National Basketball Association’s Sacramento Kings.

sleep train arena

Sonoma Creamery’s Meet & Greet program at the entrance of the Tony’s Show where 2,500 customers attended.

vintage truck

Sonoma Creamery’s Vintage 1931 Ford AA 1.5 ton Truck, from the year Sonoma Creamery was founded by Celso Viviani and Tom Vella.

This is the same truck my son Peter Viviani and I drove in America’s Great Race from Sonoma to Jacksonville Florida in the summer of 1997.


Sonoma Creamery associate passing out our new cheese Nuggets to the guests as they entered the show.


Show time on the main floor where the King’s Basketball team play their home games.

sonoma cheeses

Our booth at the show!

nick bell

Sonoma Creamery’s Nick Bell manning the booth.

booth outside

The Nuggets were well received by all.


Our Refrigerated Display Case outside the venue.


We would like to thank Tony’s Fine Foods professional team for producing such a well executed show.  It was great seeing all the Tony’s staff attending and especially the many Tony’s customers enjoying all the aspects and opportunities of the show.  The Sonoma and Horizon Teams truly appreciate our partnership with Tony’s and their valued customers throughout the years.  Thank you again!  The Sonoma Team

Travel Time-
In Sacramento
2 hours from San Francisco
6 hours from Los Angeles


Sleep Train Arena
1 Sports Parkway
Sacramento, CA 95834

Thanks so much to David for sharing his experiences with us at California Delicious- hopefully next time we can tag along to this amazing event!

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