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Food Photo Contest: August 2013

We are so happy that we had so many awesome entries in the first month of our My California Delicious Photo Contest!

So we wanted to showcase all of the delicious treats that our fans call “My California Delicious”.

Congratulations to Nora Flores- the August winner of $100 Gift Card!


Home cooked Pasta with herb roasted garden grown assorted tomatoes with baked garlic whole wheat rolls.


Grillin #mycaliforniadelicious -706th via instagram


Seasoned Crab From Capurro’s is my #CaliforniaDelicious- Christian, San Pablo, CA


#mycaliforniadelicious- gypse2 via Instagram


Delicious Sushi @Hana L. L. Japanese Restaurant.#mycaliforniadelicious – Jenna, Richmond, California


Blueberry margarita, please and thank you.#mycaliforniadelicious- jmyers666 via Instagram


Delicious Steak & Lobster diner on our honeymoon!#mycaliforniadelicious- Joan, Stanton, CA


Mickey Mouse chocolate caramel apple at Disneyland is my California Delicious!- Judy, El Sobrante, California


Watermelon with a kick!#mycaliforniadelicious -Katherine, Berkeley, CA

Kristian Dessert

Crossroads. Do I take the left or the right? #mycaliforniadelicious – Kristian, New York, NY

Kristian green tea


Green tea ice cream has one of the most adorable colors I’ve seen.#mycaliforniadelicious -Kristian, New York, NY

Kristian yogurt

A yogurt parfait designed like a Zen garden. #mycaliforniadelicious – Kristian, New York, NY



I grew up in California, so when I came back this last November to visit family I had to go back to my favorite restaurant in Chinatown, ABC’s. As good as ever and they still have the best roast duck! A real treat=) #mycaliforniadelicious- KYRA, White Salmon, WA


#mycaliforniadeliciousAdventures in Napa Valley- Laura, Newington


#mycaliforniadelicious The best cake ever… @andrewwass89- Matthew via Instagram


Screamin Mimi’s in Sebastopol is#mycaliforniadelicious -Maya, Oakland CA

Melissa Garcia avocado

My favorite tree…AVACADO#mycaliforniadelicious – Melissa Garcia, Upland, CA via Instagram

Melissa Garcia bud light

Hellllooooo Chilll Mode#mycaliforniadelicious – Melissa Garcia, The Bluffs via Instagram

Melissa Garcia burger

Now this is a burger!#mycaliforniadelicious -Melissa Garcia, Umami Burger via Instagram

Melissa Garcia California pasta

Spaghetti made from scratch. Just sharin the California love! :)#mycaliforniadelicious -Melissa Garcia via Instagram

Melissa Garcia in and out

Got my anual In-N-Out! I’m happy#palmsprings #California#loooongdrive#mycaliforniadelicious -Melissa Garcia via Instagram

Melissa Garcia Orange

Oranges #mycaliforniadelicious -Melissa Garcia via Instagram

Melissa Garcia pina colada

Goodmorning sunshinee#mycaliforniadelicious-Melissa Garcia via Instagram

Melissa Garcia Temecula

Last one in Temecula#mycaliforniadelicious -Melissa Garcia via Instagram

Melissa Garcia trail mix

Mountain Trail Mix On the trail#mycaliforniadelicious -Melissa Garcia via Instagram


#mycaliforniadelicious- Naughtydi via Instagram


Label is nice, but the real thing is better! #mycaliforniadelicious#sierranevada #california#tractor #redux -Ryan, Oakland, CA


My little guys love the hot Cocoa that came in their California Delicious gift basket! Oh and yes that is Ghirardelli chocolate squares they are dipping into their Cocoa!- Savannah, Schuylkill Haven, PA


#mycaliforniadelicious- Southern via Twitter


#MYCALIFORNIADELICIOUS- Stephanie via Instagram


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