Delivering the California Good Life

California Delicious moment: Chinatown, Los Angeles


After driving beneath two fierce dragons that rested on top of a giant gate, we arrived in Chinatown early in the morning.


We were prepared for the busy Chinatown scene we had seen in San Francisco but the neighborhood was totally deserted. I guess we had missed the memo that nothing opens until midday.


Tall and colorful temples rose above us and the streets were empty.

chinatown featured

 Except for maybe a few mice, we truly felt like we were walking through a city of spirits.  

chinatown2  I decided to jump on some little kid’s fair rides that stood in the middle of the street.


After dropping a quarter in the slot, creepy music echoed off the empty buildings– talk about your cheap thrills.


We entered a small Chinese shop that was open and bought two handmade Chinese masks, four fart bombs, a signed copy of a Dreamstreet CD, one plastic Homie (a little Mexican toy), and a handful of little fireworks.


After posing with the mask for a photo op and peering over the shoulders of a small group of old Chinese men playing dominoes, we sped off to the next adventure…



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