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Bottle Rock Music Festival: Napa, California- Part 2 Food

The food at BottleRock was unbelievable. There were over 35 different food options to choose from, which even spread over 4 days, is a lot of food to eat.


The main food area was the Whole Foods Market Garden- which was essentially an outdoor food court. There was a strange chip system to buy anything within this area which seemed like more of a scam than anything practical. This Market Garden had 27 Napa Valley restaurants participating, and the variety was amazing. Everything from fancy corn dogs to almost every ethnic cuisine you can imagine.

whole foods 2

Whole Foods also had a food truck near the entrance offering healthy options


On the first day, we immediately noticed this large BBQ set-up in between the two main stages called Cochon Volant BBQ. The smoker was in full force and the smells coming out of this contraption were unbelievably enticing.

cochon volant 2

It took only 5 hours before we broke down and bought our first festival meal- The Pulled Pork sandwich

cochon volant 3

This was consumed by two of us so quickly, there was not even a moment to instagram it!

The sandwich was good, not the best pulled “pork sando” I’ve eaten; the sauce was a little sparse but the coleslaw redeemed this meal immensely- substantial horseradish had been added and the kick was perfect.

food menu

The options being offered were definitely more upscale than the usual festival fare

hot dog

Along with a wide variety of options, the recipes were often unique and surprising. I did not try the hot dog featured above but I was intrigued by the recipe and vowed to make this at home at a later point

corn dog 2

On the second day, I caved and bought the fancy corn dog plate from Napa Valley Biscuits , dipped in hush puppy batter, complete with 2 homemade condiments- one ketchup and one honey with homemade salt and heavy peppered potato chips. This was one of the best corn dogs I have ever eaten and I am definitely planning on visiting the restaurant up in Napa sometime soon.

chopped salad

On the last day, I finally found what I had been looking for the whole weekend- a salad! Thank you La Toque! The salad concept alone was a god send, but this was truly divine. Pictured above, this was called the Omnivore Deluxe Chopped Salad and it was a little pricer than some other options but well-worth it. It had an iceberg lettuce base and was joined by coppa salami,  prosciutto ham, carrots, radicchio  diced pepperoncinis and freshly grated parmesan, all tossed into a vingery sauce that was both fresh and tangy int he most perfect way.
grilled cheese

A friend of mine went for the infamous (within Bottle Rock) grilled cheese made by the famous (within California) The Girl and The Fig. She showed no regret for her dinner decision as she wolfed it down in under 3 minutes.

Overall I was very impressed- having been to my fair share of festivals- it is nice to pay the standard (and unavoidable) $10 per meal and actually get some flavors and quality products thrown in.


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