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Bottle Rock Music Festival: Napa, California- Part 1 Drinks

Bottle Rock was such a spectacular event that it can not be condensed into one post. In my opinion, it was the perfect California event. The food, drinks,  and music were all perfectly curated by the organizers and the perfect weather and eclectic crowd made this event.


Being located in Napa, the marketing for this festival had (perhaps) over emphasized the wine element of the festival. There was (definitely) an overwhelming amount of wineries there and after the lights went down and music got better, people were less fussy about finding their 2010 Chardonnay and more concerned with grabbing a quick drink and rushing back to the crowd. Also, it must be mentioned that tasting wines out of plastic (or corn-product) rocks glasses is not ideal and very un-Napa.

winery overview

The indivual wineries were indicated by the large red banners above their tents- some wineries shared tents.


Ceja Winery


Many of the wineries tried to make the spaces as warm and comfortable like as possible with unique touches.


Cairdean Estates had a solid wooden bar space that guests could sit at while they tasted. It was a great escape from the blazing heat.


Even better than a bar- was the free photo booth space in the back- The 2 ladies in straw hats at the back of the tent are waiting for their photos to be printed.

(Needless to say, my friends and I spent a lot of time in this tent)

schug 2


Schug winery keep it’s tent design rustic and simple.

schug 3

sebastiani 2

sebastiani 3

Don Sebastiaini and Sons maintained their sleek and sophisticated look.


silver oak

It was great to see some of our vendors at the festival- Here is Silver Oak Cellars– which can be found in our Silver Oak Sojourn Gift Basket.

gloria ferre 2

I was happy to see Gloria Ferrer pouring there- I am a big sparkling wine fan and despite working at California Delicious for a while, I had not yet tried this wine which is featured in this basket: Glorious Gloria Ferrer Sparkles and Gourmet Gift Basket .

gloria ferrer 1

I made sure to enjoy a glass of this delightful wine every morning I attended the festival!

beer tent

There were some other beverage options available- The beer selection was the basic Budweiser family of beers but at a few “craft beer” tents, they were pouring a BottleRock IPA which my friends seemed to enjoy until it ran out (or they drank it all!)

deep edy 1

In search of something fruitier, I found this wonderful vendor Deep Eddy, actually from Austin Texas, who was serving delicious vodka cocktails.

deep edy 2

Despite being produced in Texas, the fruit used in the cocktails was 100% California grown so I can still consider this a California Delicious!

deep eddy 3

These are 2 fresh “Lucys” in their cute recyclable paper cups with their complimentary hand fan.


For the non-booze drinkers, there was good ole Starbucks– which was great for little pickmeups throughout the long days. Starbucks is also one of our vendors- we have numerous baskets featuring their products for example Starbucks Take A Break Gift Basket.


Finally BottleRock made their own elixirs that were undoubtedly the best value for money. Named Reverb Red and White Noise, they were in soft flask containers and had lanyards so people could wear them around their necks.

(Sadly these sold out on the last day before I was able to try them)

As you can see , the drinks were definitely a highlight of the festival experience and worthy of a full blog post.

Next I will discuss the food and the overall festival experience.

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