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Alice’s Summerthing 2013- Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

California Delicious photographer Sammy tells us about her experiences at a free concert event organized by Alice Radio in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco …

June 23rd- The San Francisco skies were grey and foggy, hundreds of people if not a thousand were lined up for blocks on Sunday morning, waiting to enter the Sharon Meadow of Golden Gate Park for the annual Alice Radio Summerthing concert. Blankets in our hands and hoods on our heads just like the rest, we slowly made our way in to find hundreds more already set up on the grass or standing by the stage waiting for the concert to start. Many were in line already at the various food trucks, waiting for their Chicken strips, Angus Burger, Grilled Chicken Sandwich with fries or even a Root beer Float with Chocolate Bacon for those who ventured to the Bacon Food Truck.

sammi alice radio 2

The band Finish Ticket started off the concert, followed by Ginny Blackmore, and Sara Bareilles until we got a news update that the singer/songwriter everyone came to see, Ed Sheeran was still in the air, waiting for the rain and fog to clear up enough to land in San Francisco. Some left the park to go home, and those who stayed knew the hour or so wait in the misty rain would be well worth it- so we crowded the stage with them and the anticipation grew.

sammi alcie radio1

Despite the delay, Ed Sheeran’s presence on stage and his voice was enough to get the crowd pumped up again. He played six or seven of his songs, which fit so well into the rainy day type mood, leaving the audience happily singing along with him. After a long six hour day in San Francisco, everyone was glad to have made it back to their warm cars with hopefully some great pictures and even better memories.

Travel Time-

2 hours from Sacramento
In San Francisco
Over 6 hours from Los Angeles


Sharon Meadow (in Golden Gate Park)
320 Bowling Green Dr.,
San Francisco, CA 94118

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