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5 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in California

Getting to know someone new or wanting to mix up your usual dates; here are 5 unique Valentine’s Day date ideas in California to consider this year.

1. Whisk them away on a private Segway tour in beautiful San Diego

Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas in California Segway

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Treat them to a private tour around scenic Coronado Island, the historic Gaslamp quarter or the spectacular views of the La Jolla coastline, all on Segways! It’s a fun and relaxed way to get around these local attractions so you can focus on getting to know your date better! Tour company Another Side of San Diego have excellent guides and are very knowledgeable about the city, so you can trust them to make this date truly unforgettable!

 2. Break the ice with a scenic cross-country ski trip through snow-kissed Yosemite National Park

Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas in California Skiing Yosemite

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Let a knowledgeable Yosemite Ski Guide take you and your sweetheart to Glacier Point Ski Hut, “a stone-and-timber lodge situated at 7,300 feet with breathtaking views of Half Dome, Yosemite Valley and the High Sierra”. You will enjoy dinner, a relaxing evening at the hut and a leisurely morning ski on the way back to Badger Pass. 2 night trips and self guided trips are also available. The perfect way to melt any adventurer’s heart!

3. Challenge them to a fierce ping pong match at Spin Standard in sexy Downtown Los Angeles

Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas in California Ping pong Los Angeles
Get a little playful and competitive with your date this Valentine’s Day with a spot of ping pong. Started in New York, SPIN STANDARD is located in the Standard Downtown and happily accepts walk-ins all evening. SPIN is throwing a special 80’s Prom Party for Valentine’s Day with Candy-O, The Car’s Cover Band, and strongly encouraging 80’s garb. If that isn’t your cup of tea, SPIN has great happy hour deals, a delicious “food-truck style food menu” and are open until 2am- so you can ping and pong to your heart’s content.  Be sure to let him win every now and then!

4. Let out some tension together under the stars at the San Francisco Pillow FightUnique Valentine's Day Date Ideas in California Pillow Fight San Francisco

Photo courtesy of screaming_monkey via Flickr

This flash mob-style event has been a bit hit [pun intended] for Valentine’s Day dates and singles for years… Firstly because it’s free which is always nice after the expensive Holiday season. Secondly, it allows you to fully express your childish side; this event invites you to run around downtown SF and swing a pillow at your partner (and everyone else) in a fun environment. I suggest you treat your date to dinner or a romantic drink afterwards, to catch your breath and get a chance to talk to each other! Please read the guidelines before attending this event:

– Bring a mask or bandanna to cover your mouth – it’s easy to choke on flying feathers.
– Bring a synthetic pillow (not one with feathers) trust us.. it’s much more enjoyable this way.
– Bring a garbage bag – have fun and then help clean up afterward – the price of having fun is keeping your city clean and makes it much less likely for the fuzz to shut this thing down.
– Build up your arm strength – your arms will be sore after this… trust us.

5. Go exploring on a Safari Sex Tour in Santa RosaUnique Valentine's Day Date Ideas in California Safari West

Show off your sense of humor and love for animals with the Wild Jungle Love Valentine’s Day Romantic Safari at Safari West. This unique date package includes Wild Love Bites Brunch, Decadent Chocolate Paired with Brews and African Wine and ends with the 12th Annual Safari Adult Sex Tour, all for only $135.00 per person. According to the site: “You’ll learn intimate details about the mating habits of African mammals and birds including Bongo, Giraffe, Eland, Wildebeest, Gazelle, Zebra, Warthog, Cheetah and more! …When a male warthog wants to attract a female, he does a courtship “chant” of rhythmic grunts that sounds like an engine in need of a tune-up. Yes, love is in the air!”.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from California Delicious


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