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Say Happy Mother’s Day from California


Rows of lavender are becoming a common and romantic landscape plant throughout California.  From the Castaic Pass near Santa Barbara to the San Francisco Bay area and beyond, fields of lavender are popping up everywhere.

While it is one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world providing relief for dozens of physical and emotional problems, it is one of todays most celebrated and sought after scents.  This should come as no surprise since according to folklore, lavender was used to attract men for generations!lavender basket

We see the popularity in lavender, too, since they are some of our best selling spa gift baskets. And thanks to our friends at the San Francisco Soap Company and their wide selection of lavender scented body lotions, body butter, shower gels and hand soaps we now offer four different lavender spa gift baskets to choose from!  And paired with a refreshing California sparkling cider, our Lavender Retreat Spa Gift Basket is one of this year’s featured Mother’s Day gifts!

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